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What Beginners Need to Know about the Internet of Things

John Wise

ByJohn Wise

Jun 19, 2024

Internet of Things or IoT is when different objects are connected to the internet, resulting in the collection, transmission and the sharing of data. Any device that makes use of the internet of things makes it easy for people to operate them from a difference and gauge their performance, something that wasn’t possible with older appliances. 

While the internet of things is relatively new, its adoption is increasing at a breakneck speed and it wouldn’t be surprising to see more companies incorporating this technology in their products and services. 

Understanding the workings of IoT

Any device that has IoT incorporated in them contains highly sophisticated software and sensors for collecting data and exchanging it. The internet of things makes sure that these devices are capable of communicating with one another, using the internet. What’s more, you can control these devices from a distance, a convenience that wasn’t available before.  

Technologies Used in IoT Devices

You will find the following three technologies make the internet of things work. 


The software present in IoT enabled devices stores, collects and monitors data. Some software also give you control over certain functions of your devices. 


The main responsibility of sensors is to gather data. This includes elements like sound, light, temperature, motion, light, humidity and more. 


Networks are responsible for making sure the sensors are connected to the internet. These networks can be wireless or wired. 

Common IoT Applications

While the internet of things is a highly complicated system, its popularity is increasing at a breakneck pace. You will find a wide variety of applications of this technology. Here is a look at some of them:


Monitoring where vehicles are going used to be a nearly impossible task back in the day. This problem has been effectively addressed by the introduction of IoT, as it can track cars, buses and other vehicles seamlessly. Some countries even use it to improve the flow of traffic. 

Agriculture Sector

Believe it or not, IoT adoption has become quite popular in the agriculture sector. Farmers can use it to keep a close eye on the condition of their livestock and crops, allowing them to make whenever necessary. 


The healthcare sector has greatly benefitted from IoT adoption, as it helps with things like tracking health data, monitoring health and whatnot. 

Smart Homes

A large number of smart homes these days make use of the Internet of Things for controlling everyday appliances, such as thermostats, air conditions, fans, lights and more. 

Final Thoughts 

It would be fair to say that the internet of things offers plenty of utility to individuals and businesses. Needless to say, its global adoption is imminent and has the potential to be incredibly beneficial for everyone. 

John Wise

John Wise

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