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Revolut and GTN Partner to Offer Bond Trading Services

John Wise

ByJohn Wise

Jul 2, 2024

GTN and Revolut have entered into a partnership to offer bond trading services to European clients via the Revolut app.

Revolut will leverage the fintech firm’s instant click-to-trade technology to deliver a seamless bond trading experience.

The Initiative

Thanks to this initiative, all Revolut customers across the European Economic Area (EEA) will be able to trade bonds easily through the ‘Invest’ section of the company’s user-friendly app.

Revolut’s Head of Wealth and Trading (EEA), Rolandas Juteika, said that this was a step forward in their mission to develop an all-in-one investment platform.

The platform in question caters to both beginner and advanced users and spans various asset classes, covering EEA markets.

Investors consider bonds to be a great opportunity to keep their portfolios diversified, while generating fixed income.

The total value of the global bond market stood at $100 trillion as of December 2023. However, retail investors have continued to face challenges in accessing corporate and government bonds.

This is particularly true in the case of bonds from other countries.

The Aim

Revolut and GTN aim to eliminate these barriers and democratize bond investment. The bonds offered on the app will start at just €100.

With this partnership, users will be able to make investments effortlessly in just a few clicks. There are no high minimum investment requirements to worry about.

Most importantly, this provides investors access to a plethora of assets to create a diversified portfolio that comprises of a wide array of assets.

GTN’s Global Head of Fintech, Ankit Shah, said that they were looking forward to their partnership with Revolut that would give users access to the bond markets.

He added that the offering was a compelling one, particularly where small investors are concerned, as bond investment can be quite difficult and challenging for them.

He said that thanks to their API, the Revolut app can be used for making bond investments as easily as stock investments.

He went on to add that traditional barriers were eliminated with the fractionalization of bonds. Hence, people do not have to worry about high minimum investments or similar complexities.

It would transform the way investors build their wealth.

Bond Investment

The popularity of bond investing is on the rise and GTN is one of the leading players. The collaboration between Revolut and GTN will undoubtedly help strengthen this trend.

This is because it empowers investors with a limited capital to overcome traditional barriers in bond investing.

The bond trading feature on the Revolut app will provide users access to a greater range of bonds. Not only will this promote financial inclusion, but also help people enjoy fixed-income investments.

The integration of GTN’s technology will also enhance Revolut’s investment platform and offer users a more robust and user-friendly experience.

John Wise

John Wise

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