• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Editorial Policy

At Fintech Service Reviews, we’re all about getting people’s opinion out there. So, whether you feel like a certain payment app is worth people’s time, or don’t like the user interface of another service, this is the place to get your voice heard.

That being said, we still like to follow a couple of rules to ensure that all reviews shared via our service meet the standards of integrity and honesty. After all, we want to do our best to make sure that our readers get the best information. So, we recommend making sure that your review meets our editorial policy guidelines:

Core Values of Our Editorial Policy

We do our best to make sure that all reviews align with the following core values:


Fintech Service Reviews is committed to giving readers insightful content that’s not just well-written, but properly researched and articulated. We’re all about quality over quantity!


We believe in journalistic integrity, which is why we make sure that the reviews posted on our website are precise, transparent, and honest about the services they discuss. And if we think that a review doesn’t meet the standard, we make sure to set things right!


We don’t want our website to act as an echo chamber where everyone says the same stuff. Diversity is a core value and part of our editorial policy. That’s why we celebrate different voices, perspectives, and thoughts for a diverse pool of viewpoints and ideas.

Our Detailed Editorial Process

To ensure that readers get transparent and honest reviews, our writers following a detailed editorial process:

Nominating Services

We start by carefully curating different services that we’ll be reviewing. Our team of editors nominate up and coming fintech services that are currently gaining traction in the world of fintech. Our criteria for selecting fintech companies is based on their impact on users and whether they’re dedicated to fostering advancements in the industry.

Research and Assessment

Once we narrow down a specific service our reviewers will be checking out and writing about, we don’t just give them the go-ahead! In fact, our editorial takes a couple of days to perform proper research, which involves highlighting the company’s latest innovations and achievements.  


We get our writers, who leverage extensive research of their own, to begin the writing process. They make sure to talk about unique stories involving latest fintech companies. Our skilled writers come up with exciting reviews discussing the companies’ latest feats and innovations.


Once our writers have drafted their reviews, they follow an editing process to ensure coherence and clarity. After all, we want to make sure that you’re reading top-notch content.


We also have an entire team to evaluate the accuracy of the information provided in the reviews. This helps us ensure that the content is transparent and trustworthy.

Fact Checking Process

Any claim made by our writers is properly verified and if we spot any inaccuracies, we get them corrected as soon as possible. We also keep readers updated on any changes made to the content.