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Track 360 Review – Manage And Scale Your Affiliate Program With Ease

John Wise

ByJohn Wise

Jun 20, 2024
Track 360 Review
Track 360 excels in affiliate management with customizable dashboards, advanced tracking and reporting, efficient payment modules, versatile marketing tools, and easy communication features. Ideal for optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI, Track 360 simplifies and enhances every aspect of affiliate management, making it a top choice for businesses.

Track 360 Review 

How do you know if your affiliate marketing campaign is bringing in the kind of returns you expected? That’s where affiliate management software like Track 360 comes in.

It’s designed to be an all-rounder service that streamlines affiliate management. From tracking partner performance to analyzing key indicators, it does it all. Keep in mind that they’re not all built the same, so it’s worth looking at its best-selling features and how it stands out from the rest. Here’s an in-depth review on what users like the most about it.

Access a Bunch of Marketing Tools

Since your affiliate program is part of your overall marketing campaign, it’s obvious that you’ll need access to other marketing tools. Track 360’s got you covered with marketing features that maximize your reach. You can activate different promotional tools and tweak their settings depending on your current campaign.

Let’s say you provide affiliates with a page that helps them get more leads for your brand. Track 360 has an accessible lead registration API so it’s simpler to gather necessary data from leads, like their contact information. And if you have a group of different affiliates, you can control each affiliate’s creative visibility.

Track Your Affiliate Campaign’s Progress

Now, let’s talk about the main highlight of this affiliate management program: tracking and reporting. If you’ve struggled with measuring your affiliates’ progress in an objective way, this software can help. By linking all their profiles, you can get information on clicks, revenue, and other metrics.

Then, the software can generate a weekly report on your progress. Based on the report, you can optimize the budget and weed out inefficiencies while saving money.

If it’s time for a presentation with the rest of your marketing department, you can simply export the report data to a PDF, Excel or email file. It also gives you the option to come up with your own KPIs, so your charts are entirely customizable. And if you don’t want any extra clutter on your dashboard, it’s easy to filter what data you want to see now versus later.

Customize Your Dashboard And Insights

How do you want to stay on top of your affiliate marketing campaign? Track 360 has customizable dashboards that give you detailed insights and metrics in real time. You can even switch the layout of your dashboard to suit your design preferences. Then, select specific KPIs that you want to see, like traffic quality and revenue. No more opening multiple tabs at once to see how the campaign’s doing.

Build And Manage Deals

Let’s say you want to design a multi-tier affiliate program for your program. Track 360 lets you manage multi-tier affiliate deals easily, while supporting different types of commission plans. Suppose your affiliates only get paid for every lead they convert, so they only get a commission when someone makes a purchase. You can adjust the settings on your account to suit that payment model.

And if you’ve prepared a custom deal for your affiliates, the software uses advanced formulas to make calculations. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single affiliate campaign either. The software lets you organize more than one campaign with its own unique deals.

Make Payments With a Simple and Efficient Module

Any affiliate program needs to have a steady and consistent way to make payments. After all, who wants to be an affiliate for a brand that’s slow when it comes to making payments? Track 360 has a simple payment module that’ll make your financial operations much more efficient and compliant.

Suppose your affiliate network includes influencers based in different countries. That means you’ll need to make multi-currency transactions. Instead of having to carry out the process manually, Track 360 makes it easier. It even generates complete financial statements that summarize your transactions.

You don’t have to stick to a specific payment schedule, either. Want to pay your affiliates on a weekly basis so they’re motivated to make content? Go ahead! Or if you want something more conventional, a monthly module option is available, too. The best part is that you can integrate the software with different payment service providers, like VISA or MasterCard.

Final Thoughts

To sum it, Track 360 really hit the nail on the head with its affiliate management software. It’s easy-to-use software that allows simple communication with your affiliate group. There’s an in-platform chat option, and you can even send notifications or newsletters quickly.

Let’s give you a quick summary of what we’ve discussed. You can customize your dashboard and choose what metrics you want to see and you can select a simple payment module for hassle-free payments. There’s also the option to customize deals for multi-tier affiliate programs. Not to mention, there are various marketing tools, too.

John Wise

John Wise

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