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Soar Payments Review – Merchant Processing Solutions at your Fingertips

John Wise

ByJohn Wise

May 30, 2024
Soar Payments Review
Soar Payments Review
Soar Payments is ideal for high-risk merchants, offering tailored services like fraud prevention, flexible underwriting, and personalized support. Their seamless eCommerce integration, versatile mobile and POS systems, and competitive pricing enhance efficiency and customer experience, making Soar Payments a top choice for diverse business needs.

Soar Payments Review

Soar Payments is among the numerous payment processing options available for merchant accounts, specializing in providing high-risk credit card processing solutions.

The company distinguishes itself by catering to businesses that encounter challenges in securing payment processors willing to collaborate with them due to their high-risk nature.

For high-risk merchants, Soar Payments offers tailored payment processing solutions designed to accommodate their specific needs and mitigate associated risks. These solutions may include features such as robust fraud detection and prevention measures, flexible underwriting criteria, and personalized customer support to address unique challenges faced by high-risk businesses.

In this review, I will be discussing why this merchant processing service could suit your needs and potentially give your business a boost.

Ideal E-Commerce Accounts

The eCommerce accounts at Soar Payments are well-suited for merchants operating in the online space, particularly those who sell products or services through digital channels. These accounts offer seamless integration with most major shopping carts, providing merchants with a convenient and straightforward payment gateway solution.

With the help of these accounts, merchants can effortlessly integrate payment gateways into their online platforms, enhancing the checkout experience for customers and streamlining the payment process. Soar Payments’s payment gateways seamlessly plug into various shopping carts with ease, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

A Look at the Mobile Account

Soar Payments’s mobile accounts give your business the capability to accept payments using tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, including smartphones and iPads, this system enables merchants to conveniently process payments on the go.

To utilize Soar Payments’s mobile accounts, merchants will need an additional credit card swiper that attaches to their mobile device. Once connected, this swiper allows merchants to securely accept credit card payments directly through their mobile devices, offering flexibility and convenience for on-the-go transactions.

It would be fair to say that this company’s mobile accounts empower merchants with the flexibility to accept payments anytime, anywhere, enhancing their ability to serve customers efficiently and expand their business operations beyond traditional brick-and-mortar settings.

Handy Point of Sale Systems

Soar Payments provides several helpful point-of-sale systems. These include the likes of MaxxPay Mini and MaxxPay Pro. The latter serves as an all-in-one terminal suitable for retail businesses and quick-service restaurants. Designed to be compact, it can easily fit on a counter or table, offering convenience and efficiency in processing transactions.

On the other hand, the MaxxPay Mini also functions as an all-in-one terminal but is notably smaller, comparable in size to a thick smartphone. This compact design enhances portability, allowing merchants to carry the device with ease and accept payments on the move.

Both POS systems provide merchants with versatile and efficient solutions for point-of-sale transactions, catering to different business needs and preferences. Whether merchants require a stationary terminal for their storefront or a portable device for on-the-go transactions, Soar Payments provides options to suit various business environments and operational requirements.

What about the Pricing?

Soar Payments distinguishes itself by offering what it terms as “Industry Minimum Pricing,” although its website doesn’t mention any specific rates. However, you can easily obtain an instant online quote by completing an application process.

By providing necessary information through the application, merchants can receive a personalized pricing quote tailored to their specific business needs and requirements.

This approach allows Soar Payments to offer competitive and transparent pricing structures while ensuring that merchants receive fair and customized pricing based on factors such as transaction volume, processing requirements, type of business and whatnot.

By obtaining an instant online quote, merchants can make informed decisions regarding payment processing solutions and evaluate the affordability and value offered by Soar Payments.

Let’s Look at the Customer Support

Soar Payments provides customer support to its U.S users, offering assistance to merchants and helping to minimize the risk of language barriers or accent challenges commonly encountered with offshore support teams.

The support team is located in Houston, Texas, ensuring that merchants can easily communicate with knowledgeable representatives who understand their needs and can provide effective solutions and assistance promptly.

This commitment to USA-based customer support highlights this company’s dedication to delivering high-quality service and support to its merchant clients, fostering trust and confidence in their payment processing solutions.

Take Advantage of Low Risk Offers

Unlike some processors that specialize exclusively in high-risk merchant accounts, Soar Payments stands out by offering services to customers across a wide risk spectrum, including low- and mid-risk merchants. This inclusive approach allows Soar Payments to cater to a diverse range of businesses, regardless of their risk profile, and provide tailored payment processing solutions to meet their specific needs.

By extending its guarantees across different risk categories, this merchant processing service demonstrates its dedication to providing fair and equitable treatment to all merchants and maintaining transparency and consistency in its services.

John Wise

John Wise

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