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EXO Trading Review – Advanced Software Solution For Modern Brokerages

John Wise

ByJohn Wise

Jun 23, 2024
EXO Trading Review
EXO Trading offers advanced software solutions, including a custom trading platform, CRM, and website development, making it ideal for new brokerages seeking efficient, user-friendly tools to manage trades, customer relationships, and online presence. With EXO Trading, brokerages can quickly upgrade their capabilities and stay competitive.

EXO Trading Review

If you’re considering starting a new brokerage firm to help traders explore asset classes and open positions, you’ll need software. Today, most trading is done online as opposed to in-person spaces.

And effective online trading requires faster software that can keep up with changing market trends. So, what do you do? Do you develop software yourself? The best solution in this case is to purchase comprehensive software from a company like EXO Trading.

They’re all about helping brokerages upgrade their capabilities with better, faster software solutions. Once you sign up with them, you’ll be all set in as little as 10 days. With its impressive features, I wanted to see if it’s all show or something more. So, here’s an EXO Trading review to help you make an informed decision.

EXO Trading platform

EXO Trader For Managing Trades

With EXO Trading’s custom trading platform, brokerages can access a flexible solution to manage their positions. The platform gives users access to current market data, along with advanced analytics and charting, and custom user interfaces.

Your traders can open up more than one account and automate their positions so they’re never missing out on what the market’s offering. While exploring the website, I noticed that it was pretty user-friendly and simple to navigate.

Plus, it provided round-the-clock customer support in case your users have any questions. This makes it a great choice for brokerages that want to gain an edge over the competition. It’s also a pretty convenient option for modern-day traders because of its different deposit methods and compatibility across devices. Users can pay with fiat or cryptocurrencies, and can log into their account from any device.  

CRM Solution For Customer Relationships

Even if you’re running a brokerage firm, maintaining positive relationships with your users is essential. Don’t worry, though, since EXO Trading has you covered on that front, too.

They’ve come up with a retail brokerage CRM solution that can keep track of sales and customer relationships. It’s got a user friendly interface, so it takes little time to get used to. And your customer support reps can keep track of everything via an optimized dashboard.

The CRM software tracks the progress on different customer queries, so you know who’s been waiting and for how long. And before you worry about starting over, it’ll seamlessly integrate with existing systems. So as you continue operations, it’ll give you real-time data updates and analytics.

A great thing about the CRM is that you can access impressive security features, so you don’t have to worry about user information being misused. Considering its impressive technology and design, it’s well-suited to brokers who want to stay ahead of the competition.  

Website Development Plus White Label

They’ve got custom website development for brokerage firms that need to step up and build an online presence. They’ve got a whole team of professional designers and developers on board who can work alongside clients to come up with a user-friendly and appealing website.

So, you don’t have to worry about branding, since they’ll make it look like it’s your website. While they’re at it, they even optimize the website so it reaches target audience members.

Here’s an interesting thing: if your brokerage is using EXO Trading’s software, you don’t have to make it look like you do. That’s because they have white label services, too. You can use their advanced solutions like the trader platform and CRM software. All this, while maintaining your branding. Just ask for a white label solution and they’ll use your designs and logo.

Give Traders Better Charting and Multiple Accounts

Better charting is definitely something that traders are looking for. It’s how they know they’re not making emotional decisions. The EXO trader solution comes with built-in indicators and charting solutions so that traders have the upper hand in the market.

I noted was that it gives brokerages a multi-account solution for their users. Traders can get a better experience by opening more than one account on the same platform – no more hopping from one platform to the next!

Engaging Market News And Various Signals

With trading becoming more and more competitive, people are always on the lookout for advanced indicators. And if you want to lure in these traders, EXO Trading can help you give them access to various trading indicators and signals. There’s no better way to provide a seamless trading experience than giving more signals and indicators.

And to help your users stay on top of the latest happenings across different markets, EXO Trading’s platform gives impressive insights. This includes the latest news and trends for a more interactive experience.

Final Thoughts

Considering the different services that EXO Trading manages to provide clients, it’s a great solution for up and coming brokerages. Maybe you’re just starting out or want to level up your business, they have trading platform, CRM, and website development solutions for you.  

John Wise

John Wise

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