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Binance Introduces New Game to Improve Users’ Crypto Knowledge and Win Rewards

John Wise

ByJohn Wise

May 31, 2024

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is trying a new approach to educate clients. It created a Word of the Day (WOTD) game to make crypto language learning fun. This ingenious concept lets users prove their intelligence, learn new words, and earn rewards.

The WOTD game is discussing Airdrops, a terrific opportunity to learn more about this fascinating component of the Bitcoin economy. Binance, a leading crypto exchange, launched the Word of the Day (WOTD) game to attract and engage more individuals in the business.

A Fun Way to Expand Your Crypto Vocabulary

The Binance Word of the Day (WOTD) game is a fun way to test your crypto knowledge. New themes are introduced each week, and the current theme is Airdrops. The game is a terrific way to learn about this popular cryptocurrency distribution technique and learn new words. 

The best part is that you may play twice a day for extra amazing incentives. The game’s basic idea of guessing the week’s theme’s concealed word is enjoyable and challenging for crypto fans to prove their knowledge. 

Reap the Rewards of Knowledge

The WOTD game is part of Binance’s tradition of rich rewards schemes. As a participant, you will have an opportunity to win half a million Binance Points (BNP).

To do so, you must successfully answer five questions spread out across the Activity Period. Among the great incentives that can be obtained by redeeming these points are coupons for USDT tokens and refunds for trading fees.

New Users Unlock Even More Benefits

Nothing stops the thrills from continuing. By creating an account with Binance, you can get 10% off your spot trading costs. In addition, within the first 14 days after signing up, users may earn extra welcome incentives by completing a variety of tasks at the incentives Hub.


The WOTD game by Binance is an innovative and entertaining approach to educating users about the intricate world of cryptocurrencies. It not only imparts knowledge but also offers the chance to earn rewards, making it an inclusive and accessible tool for all.

Whether you’re a crypto pro or a beginner, playing WOTD is a fun and rewarding way to enhance your understanding of cryptocurrencies and possibly win some valuable rewards along the way. So, dive in and discover the exciting world of crypto with Binance’s WOTD game!

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John Wise

John Wise

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